Young people sit at a table together in a classroom.

Young people are the future.

The Allstate Foundation helps create a future where young entrepreneurs have compassion and confidence to change the world.

The opportunity

Social emotional competence is a greater predictor of lifelong success than academic grades.

In fact, students who score high on social skills are four times more likely to complete college.

The method

A group of young people wearing Good Starts Young Rally 2017 t-shirts stand together and smile

Teach social and emotional learning skills.

There’s no better place to help young people find and establish their voice than in the classroom. Good Starts Young supports in-school and after-school programs that foster the five core social and emotional learning competencies: self-awareness, self-management and emotion regulation, relationship and social skills, responsible decision-making and social awareness. These qualities promote conflict resolution and leadership from childhood into adulthood.

A man applauds two young girls as they hold an oversized VISA credit card.

Lead the way to a better tomorrow.

Every small step forward is one closer to a brighter future. By co-sponsoring a series of large-scale events that celebrate impactful youth, offering opportunities to tackle tough social issues and more, we offer pivotal opportunities for future generations to lead and inspire others.

The impact

In 2019, we engaged more than 14 million youth in Allstate Foundation-sponsored programs.

The resources

The Allstate Foundation’s youth empowerment programs are powered by meaningful and purposeful partnerships. Take a closer look at each, and see how you can get involved.

Helping youth gain skills today to be the leaders of tomorrow

Through service learning efforts, youth organizations, like This Club Saves Lives, help tackle important community issues.

Watch the initiative in action.

Helping Youth Gain Skills Today to Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Making the Case for Social and Emotional Learning

Discover the latest news.

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