After years of domestic violence and financial abuse, Damaris found hope and eventually a home for her family, thanks to The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Curriculum, now available in an interactive online version.

After Damaris’s relationship ended, her credit was in ruins. She knew she needed to get back on track financially but wasn’t sure where to start. Fortunately, around that time she learned about the Moving Ahead Curriculum from her local domestic violence coalition. With that, her journey to a secure financial future began.

Damaris worked with a nonprofit advocate to start implementing what she was learning. “It wasn’t easy, but I took it as a challenge,” Damaris said. “Over time my credit score improved dramatically.” With her score in a solid place and her finances in order, Damaris was finally able to apply for and receive a mortgage.

“After everything my kids and I have been through, to be approved to purchase a home was a real blessing,” she said. “Now my children feel safe and secure, which is all I ever wanted.”

While a printable version of the Moving Ahead Curriculum remains on the Foundation’s website, survivors like Damaris now have the choice of accessing the new, online version.

For domestic violence survivors without ready access to a local nonprofit or advocate to teach the curriculum, the new online version provides an easy way for them to receive the training they need to begin making better financial decisions and gain long-term financial security, on their own from anywhere.

The online curriculum is free and is available in English and Spanish. It includes topics like budgeting, credit building, home ownership and debt management. It also features calculators and worksheets to help survivors apply the financial concepts they learn in their daily lives. Domestic violence advocates who teach the curriculum can take advantage of the interactive portions available in the new online version to augment their classes and one-on-one coaching with survivors.

While designed for survivors, the curriculum provides helpful information for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy. Visit to begin learning today or share the training with a survivor you know to help start them on their journey toward financial independence.

Learn more about The Allstate Foundation’s mission to disrupt the cycle of domestic violence and access additional educational resources for domestic violence survivors and their supporters.

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