Teen safe driving has been a priority for The Allstate Foundation since 2005, when we first surveyed teens about their attitudes and behaviors behind the wheel.

The results helped draw attention to risky behaviors and dangerous attitudes and inform the development and implementation of effective approaches to help save teen lives.

To keep our finger on the pulse of what teens are facing as drivers and passengers, The Allstate Foundation periodically conducts primary research on teen driving topics. Check out the reports.

Driving Change Report

Ten years after identifying teen safe driving as a signature program, The Allstate Foundation revisited original research to determine changes in attitudes and behavior among teen drivers and the current status of parents. (2015)

Driving Change Report

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“¡Vamos!,” or “Let’s Go!”

This is the first-ever national survey looking into the attitudes and behaviors of Hispanic teen drivers and parents. (2014)

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Research Summary

“License to Save”

The Allstate Foundation and National Safety Council partnered to create this report to learn how many lives and how many dollars could be saved through stronger teen driving laws, commonly known as graduated drivers licensing. (2012)

Teen Licensing Survey

This survey found that teens believe there should be stronger laws related to earning driver licenses, indicating young people support policies likely to lead to reductions in teen crash rates. (2010)