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We will close the racial opportunity gap for careers with thriving wages.

The Allstate Foundation works to create a society where all people can earn a thriving living.

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The issue

Despite historically low levels of unemployment, many members of our communities don’t have access to career opportunities that afford economic security and social mobility. Unfortunately, some people face disproportionately greater systemic obstacles to obtaining and maintaining living wage jobs.

Since the 1980s, the unemployment rate for populations of color has consistently been higher than white populations. This is a problem for all of us, because our society is only as strong as our most vulnerable neighbors. To close the racial opportunity gap, The Allstate Foundation works to create career opportunities for historically marginalized communities.

The method

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Create Pathways to Employment:

The Allstate Foundation fuels nonprofit organizations helping people access thriving wage employment. This includes career training and preparation, removing barriers to access and creating talent pipelines to employment in growth industries.

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Foster Innovation:

We invest in organizations that empower entrepreneurs who are advancing equity through innovative workforce development strategies.

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