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Help nonprofit leaders strengthen their communities.

With curriculum provided by a prestigious educational institution, we’re offering leadership development training options to accommodate diverse skills, experience and aspirations.

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The Allstate Foundation Nonprofit Leadership Center training is available in three distinct formats.

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Management Essentials On-Demand

The self-paced lessons help nonprofit professionals understand key theories of nonprofit management and gain new skills in such areas as nonprofit finance, people management, fundraising and communication strategies.

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Management Essentials Online Connection

For nonprofit leaders interested in covering management fundamentals with an assigned cohort who will take the online lessons together and participate in group discussions, mentoring and networking.

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Executive Leadership Program

For nonprofit leaders with 10-20 years of experience, the in-person training helps participants evolve as leaders through customized coaching, individual development opportunities and in-person interaction. The current cohort concludes in May 2020. Learn more in our program guide.


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