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Young people are the future.

The Allstate Foundation empowers young people – and those that guide and teach – with skills and confidence to succeed in school, the workplace and beyond.

The opportunity

Social emotional competence is a greater predictor of lifelong success than academic grades. In fact, students who score high on social skills are four times more likely to complete college.

Let’s inspire the next generation of leaders with the ability to persevere through anything this complex world sends their way.

The method

A group of young people wearing Good Starts Young Rally 2017 t-shirts stand together and smile

Give students the skills they need to thrive.

The Allstate Foundation believes that SEL skills like resilience, empathy, and teamwork should be part of every young person’s education – whether in the classroom, after school, or at home.

We give students, educators and families access to evidence-based programs and curriculum that foster the five core SEL competencies, as well as the opportunity to build these skills through volunteer and service-related programs. Combined, SEL and service-learning enable our future leaders to build confidence, empathy and resilience to achieve their hopes and dreams.

What is SEL?

SEL gives young people tools to engage with the world.

The traits that we typically think of as defining a successful, well-rounded person – empathy, resilience, self-discipline, confidence – are all social and emotional skills. The process of learning them is called social and emotional learning or SEL. SEL is how people understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. Visit our partner, CASEL , to learn more.

The impact

In 2020, The Allstate Foundation made social and emotional learning (SEL) and service-learning programs possible for millions of young people.

The resources

The Allstate Foundation’s youth empowerment programs provide opportunities for students, educators and families to build brighter futures through SEL and service-learning.

Watch the initiative in action.

Helping Youth Gain Skills Today to Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

Making the Case for Social and Emotional Learning

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