Our future leaders are already changing the world.

Good Starts Young works with influential organizations, like WE Charity, to make the greatest impact where it really counts: personal development, global involvement and peer leadership. Here are the effects of our efforts:

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They’re discovering a powerful voice, individually and collectively.

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are more likely to stand up for others being treated unfairly

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have a greater enthusiasm for learning

They’re getting involved in their community.

Students in Allstate Foundation-sponsored programs volunteered almost 4 million hours towards local communities and global causes during the 2016-2017 school year.1

They’re leading and inspiring social change.

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of educators

say volunteering caused their students to show increased leadership skills among peers1

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of educators

believe that youth involved in Allstate Foundation-sponsored programs consider local and global issues in their everyday life choices

Words about the initiative

Learn about organizations essential to our impact.

We are strongest when we stand together. Good Starts Young supports organizations and sponsors meaningful causes so we can maximize our positive impact on young people—and society as a whole.

1 We Schools US 2016/2017 Report

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