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Social and Emotional Learning
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The Allstate Foundation champions SEL and service-learning programs to ensure youth reach their full potential and have the power to build the just, equitable and healthy world we all deserve.

Educator Resources

For Younger Students (PK – Grade 4)

Teacher instructing three youths.

These SEL Activities Are Great for Incorporating Into Your Day

Explore these ready-to-teach activities from Soar with Wings that build social and emotional skills. Try the “Inner Strength” lesson to help students investigate the connection between inner strength and making good choices.

Casel Guide to Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning.

How to Apply SEL to Today’s Biggest Challenges

This weekly webinar series from CASEL explores how SEL can support educators, students and families during challenging times.

Girls working on a project.

These Fun Games Keep Everyone Active

Need a group game for 30 kindergarteners, indoors, in a pinch? You’ll find hundreds of games from Playworks by group size, available space and equipment, and developmental skill. Plus, these games build key SEL skills like teamwork and communication.

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Access hundreds of free SEL resources for all age groups

This free, curated collection from Discovery Education is designed to help educators integrate SEL into core instruction and help all students develop social and emotional competencies, cultivate self-confidence, manage stress, look at situations and issues from a variety of perspectives, and maintain their well-being so everyone can thrive.

For Older Students (Grade 5 – 12)

SEL in the classroom - Team Meeting Guide.

Want to bring SEL to the virtual classroom? This guide can help

Use this Team Meeting Guide to start a discussion with your colleagues about integrating SEL into the virtual classroom.

Posters of better choices identify, create, evaluate, and best solution.

Teach Teens a Process that Helps Them Make Better Choices

This decision-making process is easy for teens to remember when its time to make a choice, large or small.

Girl listening to her phone with headphones about Life Skills.

This Poster Helps Teens Practice Life Skills

Practice at tasks like making phone calls and asking for detailed information build important skills in teens, like problem solving and communication.

Set yourself up for success bulletin board.

Set Goals That Promote SEL Skills with Students

Use this goal-setting kit to teach social and emotional skills. Students develop goals and work to reach them.

12 ways to be an upstander lesson plan poster.

Lesson Plans That Teach Kids to Become Upstanders (Plus Free Posters)

Creating an Upstander culture in your school means explicitly teaching kindness, empathy, and understanding. These practical lessons help students develop and practice these skills.

Flags - Civic Dilemmas.

Readings That Address Identity and Belonging in the Classroom

Help your students think critically about civil rights and humanity issues facing society today.

Students painting a library boxes.

Get Started in Service Learning with this Free Guide

Service Learning can increase student engagement and help young people build skills for the future. Access this free guide from National Youth Leadership Council to bring service learning to your classroom.

questions one can ask.

50 SEL Prompts for Middle and High School Students

Whether in a classroom or learning remotely, these 50 prompts and questions for middle and high school students will help them think about who they are and learn how to share their characteristics and thoughts with others.

colorful uplifted hands.

5 Ways SEL Can Help you Build a More Inclusive Community

When used thoughtfully and systemically, SEL can help create classroom communities where students feel a sense of belonging and safety. Here are five approaches to help get started.

Family Resources

For Younger Students (PK – Grade 4)

Family eating dinner.

Build SEL Skills Whenever You Spend Time with Your Kids

Here are several activities that help you transform dinner or play time into a way to build social and emotional skills that benefit your children in the long run.

Father and son listening music on the phone.

Storytelling to Help Kids (and Grown-Ups!) Stand Up Against Racism

Each episode features lively characters and fun stories to help kids and grown-ups develop a detailed understanding of crucial anti-racism concepts like identity, diversity, justice, injustice, and activism.

mobile phone.

This Free Mindfulness App for Families Helps Manage Big Emotions

The stressors in our lives are growing. Reduce family stress with guided breathing and relaxation exercises. This app can also improve learning for kids who use it daily.

For Older Students (Grade 5-12)

Allstate parent guide - Happy Successful Teens.

Free Parent Guide: How to Help Teens Build Life Skills for Success

In English and Spanish, this guide gives you practical ways to connect with your teen—from practicing self-awareness to building relationship skills.

Resiliency Bullet Journal.

Help Teens Build Resiliency by Creating a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a great way to track daily choices—from drinking water to connecting with friends. Check out these free bullet journal pages to help teens set and reach goals.

Young girl taking a outdoor picture with her camera.

Free 4-H Activities So You Can Stop Hearing, “I’m Bored!”

4-H is widely known for helping introduce kids to community service. This site gives you free activities to get kids of all ages excited about learning and giving back.

positive self talk poster.

Teach Teens Positive Self-Talk with this Poster

One of the best tools we can use to help teens fight negative self-talk is to show them that it’s possible to test, challenge, and change their self-talk. Use this helpful poster to help teens take their inner voice from negative to positive.

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