Three kids sit at a table together. One looks towards the camera and smiles.

We stand with impactful organizations to empower youth.

When it comes to empowering young people, we’re all on the same team. By joining forces with like-minded organizations, we all win. Here’s a look at our partners and programs.

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The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning

CASEL aims to make social and emotional learning a fundamental part of education from preschool to high school. By collaborating on research, we show the importance of helping young people build skills to manage their emotions, make good decisions, be engaged citizens and ultimately succeed in life.

Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves is an international education and professional development organization committed to engaging students in an examination of racism, prejudice and antisemitism. Our support is focused on Facing History’s Partner Schools Network, a group of schools dedicated to promoting positive school culture, developing students’ academic, social and emotional learning skills, and increasing their civic participation.

Two kids in a classroom look at an iPad together and smile.

The Allstate Foundation and the service learning movement

The Allstate Foundation along with its nonprofit partner offer several programs that give young people the tools they need to make a positive difference through service learning in the classroom, our communities and our world.

WE Schools

WE Schools helps teachers empower their students by providing curriculum, educational resources and a complete calendar of ideas for how to give back locally and globally. As a co-sponsor of this program, we can help inspire personal growth on a national level.

WE Volunteer Now Campaign and Grants

WE Volunteer Now encourages students to lead volunteer projects and motivate their peers to join. Schools and youth-serving organizations even have the opportunity to receive a $250 grant, made possible by The Allstate Foundation, to put towards their service idea.

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Discover the impact of our partnerships.

With the help of many, The Allstate Foundation youth empowerment initiative has succeeded in empowering youth and working toward a better tomorrow.

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