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Victims are empowered to break free from abuse.

The Allstate Foundation has dedicated over a decade to ending domestic violence and financial abuse. Today, we can confidently say that our efforts have positively affected survivors and the resources they rely on.

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Victims are becoming survivors.

So far, we’ve helped 1.7 million people escape abuse and rebuild their lives through financial empowerment.

A 2014 study by Rutgers University found that The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Financial Empowerment curriculum, created in partnership with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, significantly improved survivors’ ability to take control of their finances.

Domestic violence organizations are better equipped to help.

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domestic violence advocates

trained to teach Allstate Foundation Financial Empowerment curriculum

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to help end domestic violence and financial abuse since 2005

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by nonprofits to support critical services for survivors since 2014

Hear from those The Allstate Foundation has helped.

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Explore the tools that help us make a difference.

The Allstate Foundation offers support through a variety of programs, campaigns and resources. Take a closer look at how we empower domestic violence nonprofits and the survivors they serve.

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