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Communities are powered by people.

Helping Hands® enhances the impact of Allstate agency owners and employees’ passion for volunteering by financially supporting the causes and organizations they care about most.

The opportunity

Weekly volunteering is shown to create happiness levels comparable to a salary boost.

Most of all, it builds stronger communities by connecting individuals to something greater. 1

The method

Volunteers serve food to young people

Dedicate hearts and hands.

Goodwill comes from dedication, not obligation. We’re proud to say that the Allstate agency force and employees live in line with this idea by dedicating over 250,000 volunteer hours each year to better the lives of their neighbors—and the wellbeing of their neighborhoods. By pursuing meaningful partnerships and offering grants to nonprofits where the Allstate agency force and employees volunteer, The Allstate Foundation serves to further their efforts and influence in local communities across the country.

The impact

Here’s what the Allstate agency force, employees and The Allstate Foundation have accomplished so far:

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volunteered in 2018

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community groups


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to community initiatives in 2018

The resources

The Allstate Foundation is dedicated to being a resource for agency owners and employees to make the world a better place. Here are some of the ways we help:

The Allstate Foundation Helping Hands® Grants

We strive to empower Allstaters to give back to their local communities and support the causes closest to their hearts. That’s why the invitation-only Helping Hands Grant program supports organizations they’re already passionate about. Those who volunteer four to sixteen hours with an organization can earn $500 or $1,000 to support the cause. Please note that The Allstate Foundation doesn’t accept any unsolicited grant applications.

The Allstate Foundation Emergency Response Fund

When natural disasters strike, we offer support for communities in need. From earthquakes to wildfires to hurricanes and more, we work to ensure no one is without food, water and shelter. After Hurricane Harvey and Irma, we teamed up with Feeding America and the American Red Cross to match the nearly 2,500 donations from Allstate employees and agency owners. We also worked with local nonprofits to help rebuild communities by contributing a new playground, homes and school books.

An allstate volunteer drills a hole into a large wooden beam

A team of Allstaters helped save this nonprofit’s work.

When fundraising didn’t cover the construction of housing for the homeless, Allstate agency owners and employees stepped up.

A few words about our Helping Hands

Discover the latest news from Helping Hands.

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