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We provide resources to help end abuse.

In addition to helping nonprofits provide critical services for domestic violence survivors, The Allstate Foundation (formerly Purple Purse) offers a variety of tools for the public, concerned friends and loved ones and those experiencing abuse themselves.

The Allstate Foundation Moving Ahead Curriculum

This educational resource has been designed to help domestic violence survivors achieve financial independence and rebuild their lives. The curriculum covers a variety of important financial topics including budgeting, managing debt and improving credit and has been proven to help survivors move from short-term safety to long-term security. The curriculum is available online and for download below in English, Spanish French and Vietnamese.

Educational support for survivors of violence

  • Learn Online: This interactive, self-paced, digital tool provides financial education that can be learned and accessed anywhere with internet connection.
  • Download the Curriculum: This PDF is designed to be taught by an advocate at a local domestic violence nonprofit. Survivors can also print the PDF to learn on their own.
  • FinTech Supplement: This supplement was designed to be used alongside the Curriculum and explores how FinTech can help enhance survivor safety.

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Lesson plans for trained advocates

Understanding and Giving Support

It can be challenging to support someone experiencing domestic violence, if you don’t understand the issue or know what to say.

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Conversation starters for friends and loved ones

It can be incredibly difficult to start a conversation about domestic violence with a friend or family—but it’s also essential to helping them escape. The Allstate Foundation strives to facilitate this type of conversation with this helpful guide.

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Research to put the problem in perspective

To face the problem, we must first understand it. That’s why we commissioned a public survey to look at how people perceive domestic violence and financial abuse, how it affects victims, their families and more.

See how we’re living up to our mission

From financial empowerment curriculum to nonprofit support, The Allstate Foundation has made a real impact on those who have experienced domestic violence and financial abuse.

Support in your community

If you feel as if you’re in an abusive relationship, safety and support are critical. The Allstate Foundation does not provide financial aid or direct services to individuals, but our partners at The National Network to End Domestic Violence have state coalitions that can help you find a nonprofit in your own community.

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